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Monday, March 20, 2006

A Pilgrim of Love

by Suniti Devi

After many years of preaching all over the world Sripad Sadhu Maharaj started to help his sannyas guru and founder acharya of VRINDA Sripad Paramadvaiti Swami, by giving Hari Nama Ritvik initiations on his behalf in the holy name of Krishna as he visits the Vrinda centers around the world.

With the blessing of his Sannyas Guru Sadhu Maharaj is also visiting other Vaisnava missions and opening new areas spreading the message of Prema bhakti pure love for God. There he also started to give Hari Nam initiation to those who have faith in him.

All devotees feel so happy to meet with him. His love, his wisdom, his smile and his care for all has gained him a place in many hearts permanently.

Sadhu Maharaj has already many invitations and not enough time to attend all. Those devotees who would like to join the VRINDA family and also help in our many projects in India are invited to please come to our kartik functions.

My Guru Maharaj, Sripad Paramadvaiti Maharaj says: "Sadhu Maharaj is very dear to me, he remembered that he was told by Srila Prabhupad to preach all over the world. I'm so happy that he came to join Srila Prabhupad's Mission in our VRINDA Family".

From the Bihar kingdom of Munger
A Pilgrim of Love

Bhakti Vedanta Sadhu Maharaj became a Tridandi-Bikshu, a member of the renounced order of life. He has travelled several times around the world to distribute the love for Shri Shri Radha Govinda to one and all.

Sadhu Maharaj who is also my father in this world, was educated in the royal surroundings of the vaishnava king Sir Raghunandan Prashad Singh and spend every year a lot of time in the beautiful Munger Mandir in Shri Vrindavan Dham.

My two brothers are in America, and my sister and me as well as my brother and also 'godbrother' Naveen Krishna are here in India.
Sadhu Maharaj has taken us to our Guru Maharaj Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaj and he has requested us to look after the worship of our Isth-Dev Shri Shri Radha Mohan and turn our fore-fathers temple into a centre of Vaishnava learning.
You can help our projects.


  • At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Friends
    Vrindavan dham ki jay.
    My deepfelt respects to all of you.
    Currently we are fixing more good bathrooms.
    We also prepare the lecture hall for regular events seperate from the main temple.
    in the back we fix 5 new gueat apartments.
    We want to make a big monkey grill for the Prasadam area.
    We also want to repair the underground rooms for sanyasis to stay with us under the Kirtan hall.
    such a huge place made by a king takes a lot of energy just to remain clean and repaired.
    Plus we have the sacred dutie to take care of the temples in Mungir.
    There is the wonderful jagannath mandir at Kastarni ghat
    tha farm temple of Patita Pavana in Jamdahah.
    There is also the Mahaprabhu Prem mandir and the Radha Krishna and lord Siva royal Mandir.
    we also feel it is our duty to revive the transcendental culture in Bihar.
    All in all we can use a lot of help.
    If you are interested.
    contact us in the temple or better visit and talk to Sadhu maharaj about it.
    the Munger Raj Award is also an inspiration for people to come and help.
    the glories past was amanged with government income.
    Today it all depends on the devotees and friends to go on and please the Lord and provide nice service in these sanctuaries given to all of us from the devotion of our past.
    In the service of Sri Guru and Sri Sri Radha Mohan
    Naveen Krishna das Adhikary


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